A Step-by-Step 30 Day Plan To Landing Your First 3 Consulting Clients And Earning $10,000 A Month

A Step-by-Step 30 Day Plan To Landing Your First 3 Consulting Clients And Earning $10,000 A Month

Folks with no previous experience are earning $10,000 or more using ‘automated sales proposals’ to book clients for them

Want a fast way to land your next (or first) HIGH FEE consulting client?

I’m talking about clients that pay $3,000… $5,000… even $10,000 a month or more for services you resell

Recurring payments received from this challenge

Well if you can give me just an hour of your time each day for the next 30 days, I guarantee that you will land at least 3 high-fee clients like these.

3 clients is more than enough to start earning $10,000 a month in recurring income (that’s $120,000 a year)

The best part, this guarantee requires:

* NO servicing clients yourself – You will be working for one of the top Agencies on the planet… They are EAGER to hire new freelance consultants and help you build your business. Your job is done once you sign up a client, yet you still collect all the recurring monthly fees.

* NO Direct selling or ‘cold calling’ – Every business you contact is a warm lead who NEEDS something. All communication is done over email using copy paste emails scripts as well as done-for-you sales proposals for every service you will sell.

* NO Experience needed – This program is designed to take you from day 1 and walk you through exactly what to do each day to be guaranteed 3 new clients in just 30 days.

IF you are just starting out and looking for a guaranteed way to earn money online

IF you are currently a consultant but are struggling to land clients and aren’t commanding high fees

IF You are a pro 6 or 7-figure consultant already


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